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Other Work

Detecting Critical Walking Routes to Subway and Bus Stops in Cambridge, MA.

Estimating critical routes that are most likely to be used for walking to bus and subway stations, which could be prioritized for urban design upgrades and forms of public space investment.

Course: 11.024 / 11.324 Modeling Pedestrian Activity in Cities, Spring 2022

Decoding Intentions to Migrate

Interactive storyboard with visualization analyzing migration data from Central America.

Course: 11.154 / 11.454 Big Data, Visualization, and Society, Fall 2021

Mix-Use Development Proposal in Cambridge, MA

Site analysis and design, storyboard presentation with a site plan, detailed plan, perspectives and physical model.

Course: 11.328J / 4.240J Urban Design Skills: Observing, Interpreting, and Representing the City, Fall 2021

Research Interests