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About Me

CV: About Me

I graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a dual B.S. in Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in 2017. Thanks to a Resolution Project Fellowship in 2015, a Wisconsin Idea Fellowship (WIF), and a Wisconsin Open Education Community Fellowship (WOECF) in 2016, I was able to work on community-based projects simultaneously while taking classes, doing research, and playing collegiate table tennis. Upon graduation, I became a Research Assistant at Boston University's School of Public Health with Professor Patrick Kinney, where I led a project in Boston, NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area in which we field-tested a low-cost passive aerosol sampler (UNC-PAS) that measures PM2.5 concentration and composition. In 2019, I started working at The George Washington University SPH with Professor Susan Anenberg, where I performed a local Health Impact Assessment of PM2.5 in the District of Columbia, and a review of four key pathways (air quality, green space, noise, and physical activity) by which urban climate mitigation actions can simultaneously deliver multiple health benefits. In January 2021 I started a Research Assistantship position at MIT's Environmental Solutions Initiative working on the Nature Based Solutions Program and in Fall 2021 I started a Master's in City Planning at MIT. Check out the Research page to learn more about past and current projects. 

Besides research, I am part of other organizations that combine my passion for youth development, citizen science, climate change mitigation/education initiatives, and bike advocacy groups. Read more about these side projects in the News page.

Other Interests

In addition to work and school, I often find myself playing table tennis, traveling, biking, exploring new coffee shops, reading books (here are my favorites) and listening to podcasts (mostly to 99% Invisible and The War on Cars; here are my favorite episodes). 

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